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Here is a list of 24 college application essay topics from A to Z. Many of these are adapted from past essay questions from top schools all over the United States. If you work on your answers to some of these college application essay topics, you are sure to be well prepared when the essay topics are released for your school of choice.

Ask and answer the one question you wish we had asked but didn’t.

Bring three things to a deserted island. What do you have with you and why?

Can a frog hear? Prove it.

Describe an intellectual experience you had in childhood and how it has impacted you to this day.

Evaluate a significant achievement and why it has meaning to you.

Family photos evoke certain feelings. Pick one of these Kodak moments from your life and describe its significance.

Give us your own unique list of college essay topics that we should use in applications for years to come.

High school can be a time of transition or trouble. What advice would you give to someone just starting high school?

If the world really does end in 2012, what do you want your legacy to be?

Just imagine you are a student at our school. What would make you unique and why?

Keep in mind that you are applying for your dream school, but tell us of your greatest failure that you wish to share, and what you learned from it.

Let us know about one of your most moving personal experiences.

Make us understand how you demonstrated leadership ability inside and outside your school.

Name a difficult and/or challenging experience you have faced in your life and how it made you who you are today.

Open up your phone book to a contact and tell the application committee an interesting story about the two of you.

People who need people (Streisand) or Hell is other people (Sartre). Who do you agree with and why?

Quickly tell us how your family background has made you who you are.

Read a story in a recent magazine, and retell it from the perspective of a college student.

Submit page 247 of your autobiography.

Tell us about a person who influenced your life in a positive way and why.

Use a piece of wire, a tarp, a PVC pipe, a car decal and an egg carton and create an invention that would solve a problem. You must use all of the items.

Volume does not mean anything to us, meaning, we would rather have less students that are better than more just to make enrollment numbers look good. Why should we choose you as one of our select few?

What is your favorite quotation?

X-rays revolutionized medicine. What happened to you in high school that revolutionized the way you think?

Young people often try to be a lot like their peers. However, we don’t want cookie-cutter students at our school. Tell us how your experiences shaped who you are as a person and made you different than your friends.

Zip through your childhood neighborhood and explain the dynamic of the houses on your street. Tell us why, out of all those kids, you should be the one who gets a chance at our school.

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